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Fancy Quotes WordPress plugin for automatically styling specific blockquotes as word bubbles.
WP Scrippets WordPress plugin for posting screenplay fragments to your blog.
AutoCap WordPress plugin for automatically adding captions to images.

WordPress Plugins

Fancy Quotes

Not all blockquotes are equal. Sometimes you want to have a specially styled blockquote, such as large word bubbles. Adding these kinds of blockquotes generally requires a lot of extra HTML markup and tend to be difficult to maintain long-term.

Fancy Quotes simplifies this process by allowing you to specify blockquotes for specialty styling by making them of the class “fancy”. Here is an example of a fancy quote:

When I first got there, during rehearsals I was changing some of the lines a bit, and Wes Anderson pulled me aside and said, “Jason, uh, it took me four years to write this script, so could you please just try to do the words I wrote?” After that I always just did the words.

> Jason Schwartzman, on acting in Rushmore, his first film role.

Looks good, no?

WP Scrippets

WP Scrippets is a text transformation engine that convert plain text screenplay fragments into HTML. Scrippets was designed and developed by screenwriter extraordinaire John August, and I wrote the code that does the transformation, and maintain the plugin.


AutoCap automatically formats images with captions. The plugin uses the image’s `title` attribute to create the caption, and respects the alignment settings that WordPress automatically applies.

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